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DJI Agriculture Profile

In 2012, DJI was determined to extend its cutting-edge drone technology to the agricultural industry. Thus, in 2015, DJI Agriculture was born. DJI Agriculture is committed to providing intelligent solutions through drone technology, facilitating agricultural innovation and development on a global scale. At present, DJI has successfully released a wide array of crop protection drones, including the MG-1, MG-1S, MG-1P, and T16, as well as P4 Multispectral and Phantom 4 RTK. DJI has also introduced a dedicated software called the DJI Agriculture Data Management Platform. With tools servicing over 30 countries in multiple regions, DJI Agriculture has empowered over 10 million professionals with intelligent farming solutions.

Continuous Innovation

Innovation is a core value for DJI Agriculture. Determined to enhance industrial development and meet user demands, the team has worked diligently to transform traditional agriculture with efficient, reliable, and intelligent technology. 

Passion for Farming

With a great passion for farmers’ success, DJI Agriculture is determined to enhance productivity. Through cutting-edge technology and intelligent solutions, DJI Agriculture aims to help farmers solve problems in the field, increase yield rates, and ensure efficiency. 

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Environmentally-Friendly Solutions

DJI Agriculture pledges to protect our planet. This not only means empowering agricultural operators with optimized tools and solutions, but also with more environmentally-friendly workflows. DJI Agriculture continuously strives to reduce waste and damage during field operations and to create a more harmonious co-existence with nature. 

Building a Sustainable Ecosystem

DJI Agriculture carries out production, study, and research cooperation with a variety of partners, including universities, agrochemical companies, and research centers. Together they have co-established an ecosystem focusing on talent recruitment, agrochemical optimization, and technological innovation to advance the global agricultural industry. 

Grain Crops

Grain Crops

Our solutions provide digital, informative, intelligent, and precise field management for grain crops such as rice, wheat, and corn. This empowers agricultural operators with more convenient and efficient options, reduces operation costs, improves crop quality, and increases yield rate.

Commercial Crops

Commercial Crops

We also provide digital, informative, intelligent, and precise management solutions for commercial crops such as cotton, citrus trees, apple trees, and tea plants. As with grain crops, agoperators will find these options more convenient, inexpensive, and beneficial to crop quality and yield rate.

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