John Deere Section Control

Reduce overlap and minimize skips, ensuring precise placement of crop protectants and nutrients.


Optimize product placement with Gen 4 Section Control

Section Control improves placement of agricultural inputs and reduces operator fatigue by automatically turning implement sections on and off. By reducing product application overlap, Section Control decreases the amount of product used in the field, lowering your input costs. Additionally, enjoy increased yields with less competition among plants who may suffer in overlapped areas where seed population is too high.

Section Control imroves efficiency of producers.

Section Control reduces your stress level, as you no longer need to focus on manually turning the implement sections on and off. This reduces fatigue, enabling you to run longer hours when time is of the essence. Section Control puts your mind at ease as less experienced operators get behind the wheel knowing that your product will be placed where intended.

Improved ease of use with Gen 4 Section Control added features and functionality

Optimize driving patterns to reduce operator-caused skips, gaps or uneven performance across the width of a Section Control enabled tool. Operators cause variability in performance with changes in driving while Section Control commands the tool to transition between on/off. Speeding up, slowing down quickly or changes in direction of travel result in undesired Section Control performance. Enabling the Section Control visualization within advanced settings allows operators to confidently make driving changes knowing the impact to their operation.

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